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    View hiring a copywriter as an expense, not an investment? Your website and blog are part of your sales team. Don’t just dress ‘em up — give ‘em something to say.

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You make more money with professional copy.


Proofreading & Editing

Could spelling, basic grammar, and typographical errors give your customers the wrong impression? Could improving your copy’s style, structure and consistency make it more effective and ultimately help you sell more? The answer is yes. And we can help.


website copy

Website Copywriting

Your website is an investment, and budget copywriting services cost you more than you think. Say no to generic text and yes to establishing your company’s unique brand voice online. Launch a new website or update your content to improve your site’s SEO and conversion power.


social media

Social Media Copywriting

Social media done right has the power to attract leads, drive inbound traffic to your website, and stimulate engagement with your brand. But it gobbles up lots of time. Get your day back without giving up social media’s power to connect you with new customers.




Blogs are essential for your business because they do two things: enhance your website’s SEO and establish you as an expert problem solver. In other words, blog posts get ideal customers to your website and keep them there. For maximum optimization, publish shareable content consistently.



Email & Newsletter Copywriting

Email is one of the most profitable marketing channels available to your business, giving you the power to automate and customize the way you communicate with each segment of your audience. Without email campaigns, you’re missing your chance to build customer loyalty.


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I like Emily’s ability to make working with her feel like we’re working face-to-face. Strong communication and ability to understand what writer/editor support is needed.

—Mike Kiley, BNBoomer.com

I have had the opportunity to work with Emily on several writing projects. When called upon she has been very reliable and consistently produces a level of work that meets and exceeds all expectations. I will continue to look to Emily as a valuable resource for the future.

—Ben Jones, Cloud Computing and Consulting Executive

I found Emily over a web search for content writers. From our first interaction she was extremely professional, polite, and thorough. We have been having her write articles for our website on appliances and electronics. Although the topics are often very “techy”, she does a great job of making the content readable and engaging for the average user.

—Melanie Ramsey, H. H. Gregg