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View hiring a copywriter as an expense, not an investment? Your website and blog are part of your sales team. Don’t just dress ‘em up — give ‘em something to say. And say it with me.

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Website Copywriting

Your website is an investment, and budget copywriting services cost you more than you think. Say no to generic text and yes to establishing your company’s unique brand voice online. Launch a new website or update your content to improve your site’s SEO and conversion power.




Blogs are essential for your business because they do two things: enhance your website’s SEO and establish you as an expert problem solver. In other words, blog posts get ideal customers to your website and keep them there. For maximum optimization, publish shareable content consistently.


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I found Emily over a web search for content writers. From our first interaction she was extremely professional, polite, and thorough. We have been having her write articles for our website on appliances and electronics. Although the topics are often very “techy”, she does a great job of making the content readable and engaging for the average user.

—Melanie Ramsey, H. H. Gregg

If you need a writer who has personality, efficiency and a high level of talent, look no further. Emily hasn’t missed a deadline out of dozens of projects and her work continues to meet or exceed my expectations. I am thrilled to have her as a part of my team.

—Angie Best-Boss, Author

Emily has a long-standing reputation for being an exceptional writer with a knack for speaking to her audience as if you’re sitting together, drinking a cup of coffee. It was that down-to-earth, approachable and “real” tone that initially convinced me that Emily would be an excellent fit for the Small Business Bonfire team of contributors.

—Alyssa Gregory, Small Business Bonfire